Use Your Android Device as SMS/MMS Gateway

Turn your Android Mobile into a Powerful SMS Gateway & Send Unlimited SMS

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Make your Android phone into a Powerful SMS Gateway & Start Earning Now!

Send and receive messages through your phone using API or In Portal

This process is very simple, because there are a large number of websites that provide such services. However, you must be vigilant and cautious when choosing any company, because it should not be a fraud or a scam. Once you understand these websites or applications, it takes 2 to 5 minutes to register them. After logging in, they will ask you for some detailed information, which you can fill in. After that, there will be various options from which you need to choose how many text messages you want every day, what types of text messages you want, and even the time period you are willing to receive text messages. After filling all these details, please confirm your mobile number and email address. Now you are ready to send messages and get paid.

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  • SMPP and API both are supported

    You can connect your client with SMPP or API and accept your SMS. The SMS then will be terminated with your android device randomly. You can add mroe device and get more OTP traffic from your carrier and earn more!

  • Send Bulk SMS from the user portal

    You can also send messages using Excel files. You can use xlsx, xls, ods or csv files. The first two columns of the excel file should have numbers and messages to do. You can also use data from additional columns in Excel to create a custom message for each number.

  • Auto reply SMS and SMS to eMail

    You can set up automatic replies for certain messages. You can even hook your own script to reply to incoming SMS messages or execute some other commands in response to certain messages. It also send email of your incoming SMS.

  • A proven and tested process guarantees your success

    You can use your devices as SMS/MMS gateways by installing our apps. The app run as a service and start when the mobile start make you feel stable and qualitiful service.

  • Multiple Devices and Randomize for send SMS

    You can use multiple devices. You can use multiple SIM cards on your phone. Send messages using API on any SIM or randomize which the messages will be evenly distributed among the devices to send them faster.

500 Active
1500 Running
2000000 SMS
100000 SMS


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